Monday, January 24, 2011

Russel Moore and The Cross and the Jukebox: Ring of Fire

Russell Moore offers a very insightful analysis of Johnny Cash’s song “Ring of Fire”, as part of his new podcast series called the Cross and the Jukebox. I think that this is podcast a novel idea, as I'm always glad to hear someone with Moore's depth of insight comment on the deeper theological messages that lurk behind songs like this.

I've heard 'Ring of Fire' on the radio before, and I remember that distinctive "mariachi" opening, as well as the lyrics of how "it burns, burns, burns." Dr. Moore relates how June Carter wrote this regarding her pre-marital relationship with Cash, and parallels how Proverbs 7 speaks of the dangerous enticement of adultery with its inevitable destructive consequences. The podcast seems like it will be a good one and I look forward to hearing more.

Strangely, and somewhat off-topic, this song reminds me of the expression "ring of fire" which my wife has described as part of the pain of childbirth during certain pushing stages of delivery. I'm pretty sure that's NOT what Cash had in mind, nor does it fit AT ALL with the theme of the song, but regardless the song reminds me of my wife's laboring... go figure.

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