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Collection of MP3 resources (in progress!!!)
Great Firefox add-on for rapid multiple-MP3 downloads:  DownThemAll!  (highly recommended)

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<h2>Podcasts I enjoy and highly recomment:</h2><li><a href=

    My system for listening to sermons:

    1) Pick up a Philips GoGear MP3 player.  Fairly cheap, and 4 Gig is plenty of memory to last for a long time (I estimate you can load about 200 some sermons, or the entirety of the ESV audio Bible.)  But any MP3 player works.

    2) Load it up with MP3's from the links above.

    3) Cook, do dishes and laundry, and listen.  Keep busy physically and at the same time grow spiritually.  It's also nice to take along for a jog, and you can get an aux adapter from Best Buy and play it in the car as well.  I use this one, that looks like this: