Friday, January 7, 2011

Bartholomew's Passage

We've been reading Bartholomew's Passage as part of our nightly family worship.  It's a fun little book intended to be read around the Advent season (Yes, we've missed this window by a few weeks, but it's still a good read.)  The writing isn't always perfect, the theology can be a little wonky from time to time (with an Arminian edge), and some of the "cliff-hangers" can be a little bit contrived, but otherwise it's a fairly fun read.  And while some of the thematic material might be a little bit creepy for younger readers, Ytreeide does do a nice job with some of the historical realism with details about the Roman occupation, the Dead Sea, the Essenes, etc.  A section each night makes for a nice part of family worship time during the Christmas season.

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