Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dr. Michael Barrett on the King James Version

A fair, although imperfect, defense of the AV. I find the King James often difficult to read due to the changes in the English language, and the effort Dr. Barrett describes to pick up the "specialized jargon" for the AV isn't really worth it - I'd rather expend those energies into learning the Greek. The message isn't without some not so subtle biases (newer texts being "dumbed down" you know, etc) but at least Dr. Barrett doesn't seem to go into any of the silly "double-inspiration" goofiness, but there are shades of this with some of his remarks about inspiration and preservation. The only Greek text then for the AV translators was apparently the best per Garrett, but seems as if I've heard different things from James White on the topic of KJVO. In any case, listen and hear for yourself.

I'm frankly not sure how I started to listening to this - somehow I stumbled across this while browsing some messages on Harold Campings 5/21 doomsday silliness. Saturday works for me for judgment day, but if not it will be a good day for grilling out.

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