Wednesday, January 4, 2012

PleaseConvinceMe Podcast 235

I enjoyed the recent Please Convince Me podcast (#235), although it was more of one of his side-topics that caught my attention.  Jim was discussing some of the Facebook comments about "Wealth and Prosperity" gospel teachers, and made some good points about the manner in which a pastor should be living. With someone in a pastoral role, there is a level of prosperity a pastor should not exceed, as it hurts our testimony and causes a weaker brother to stumble. With new cars, expensive clothing, etc - the question becomes, are we in it for the right reason? Megachurch pastors are frequently living large, and although they might give away thousands, they are making millions,
and are living in a way dramatically larger then they ought to live. These people are the billboard that others will see and use (correctly or falsely) judge the faith. Coming from Jim Wallace, who was a strong non-believer for many years, I think he makes a fair point with this.
If you want a voice with everyone that you want to have a voice with, you can't trot around with bling and hope to convince people who might question your true motives.
Rather, it's how the twelve apostles lived is how we should live, with the understanding that we don't expect things to get easier but to get harder.

Some of the other topics covered, such as Tebow, didn't really capture my attention, but not being a football fan I guess I just don't follow the hype.

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