Monday, November 8, 2010

The Village Church - Audio Sermons

There are a ton of MP3 audio sermons for Dallas-based Village Church available free online. I found out about this church through one of Mark Dever's podcasts (I think it was an interview with Matt Chandler) and I was impressed with the direction of this ministry (and, who knows, the way my job searching is going, with contact from recruiters in Ft. Worth, I might very well be in Dallas someday and visiting this church at some point.)

Anyhow, for sites like this with plentiful MP3s on one page, I recommend an excellent Firefox plug-in called "DownThemAll!", that with one click basically kicks off a massive, queued download process to grab all of the MP3s on a page and save them to one location on your computer. Now, on my dusty old Sony Vaio that does tend to make the PC drag, so I usually kick it off and go to get a snack (yeah, I really need a new computer...)

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