Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Permanence View of Marriage

Voddie preached a message not long ago on the Permanence view of marriage. Its a fascinating and challenging view that a marriage vow should never be broken under any circumstance, even unfaithfulness. Voddie lays out in detail from scripture the reasoning for this viewpoint. Personally I think this could be difficult, especially in mind of abusive relationships, etc, but at the root of this its all about a solid commitment to the covenant of marriage, even when the partner breaks it. Here's the link:

And in a strange semi-related note, here's a link to a song by Frehley's Comet that I posted in my music blog, with lyrics that curiously (ironically) remind me of the permanence view:

You will never hear me say the words
Never feel the pain that hurts
Never hear me say Its over now

Not sure that Ace Frehley or Todd Howarth had the permanence view in mind when they wrote the song, but it does fit in an odd sort of way.


  1. Could it be that they were both under the same influence--albeit unawares?

  2. Who knows - anything is possible! But you know, I've read a lot of your blog posts about Whiteheart and various rock groups, so you should check out that Ace Frehley's tune as it's a pretty cool number (it's got an incredible guitar solo around 2:35 into the video, too...)