Thursday, November 19, 2009

The King James Only Movement

I've just started researching and digging into the mountain of documentation out there about the KJV-Only "controversy". I wonder if there's really anything to this, or if the KJVO stance is really just based around pastors who didn't want to bother learning Hebrew and Greek in seminary.

Regardless, here's a collection of good links that challenge the KJVO stance.


  1. I suppose it would be helpful to learn Hebrew and Greek, but since even the oldest copies of the original texts that are still available are probably copies of earlier copies of earlier copies, how can anyone be confident of just how accurate any of the versions of our Heavenly Father's Holy Bible truly are without the witness of His Holy Spirit?

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  3. Here's a good work on the topic:

    Bruce gives an overview of the historical evidence for acceptance of the Biblical canon.

  4. The key to it all is truly hearing what the Author actually says is absolutely true, which is a moot point to most. For they do not want to believe that He still seeks to directly communicate with us--both to their detriment and His dismay.